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Algebraic & Transcendental Equation Solving


Time Period: February, 2018

Status: Completed


During my Numerical Methods course I wrote these programs on different root finding algorithm to solve basic algebraic & transcendental equations.

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  • Bisection Method
  • Fixed Point Iterative Method
  • Newton - Raphson Method


  • Supported Mathematical Functions: x^n, e^nx, sin(nx), cos(nx), tan(nx)
  • A space(' ') is needed before arithmetic operators.
  • The formatting is strictly maintained.
  • For example: We can ax^m -nsin(x) +pe^q -c
  • ax^m can be replaced by 4x^2
    nsin(x) can be replaced by 4sinx
    pe^x can be replaced by 2e^x
    c is constant (1, 2, 3, ...)
    Let's consider: 4sinx -e^x
    Now look at the screenshot attached.


If you're interested in this project, you may browse the github repository of the project by clicking here.

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